The team behind Core Wealth Capital

Our team consists of accomplished professionals who possess extensive experience in entrepreneurship and specialized fields. We are here to provide assistance and guidance regarding any inquiries you may have about selling your business or transforming your business situation. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today.

Torbjorn (Toby) Bergstrom, CNC operations

Toby has 17 years experience as a leading educator of CNC machine operators. He served two terms as the President of the Haas Technical Education Center Council, and, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, he built one of the best programs in the world for Engineers to learn about CNC Machining. He has purchased a CNC machine shop before, and we are acquiring more businesses in the sector.

Jacob Brain, Digital marketing expert

With almost a decade of experience in marketing agencies, a degree in finance, and a background in operations, Jacob has a unique combination of skills that have resulted in a proven track record of helping companies scale. Jacob acquired equity in a local agency and, after taking over operations, scaled revenue 500% in five years. This success culminated in a 7-figure exit in early 2023. Now, he is applying that expertise to grow our acquisitions and increase operational efficiencies across the portfolio.

Curtis Morris, Heavy manufacturing accounting

Curtis has 25 years of experience in heavy manufacturing. He has experience implementing large accounting systems, setup of controls for inventory, managing of HR, insurance, and IT, Close process, financing and banking coordination and cash flow, contract, and quality of earnings, and is an expert in cost analysis to optimize manufacturing cost efficiency.

Bret J. Mundt, Industrial large scale manufacturing

Bret is a mechanical engineer who has worked in industrial construction, repair/maintenance, steel fabrication and installation, pulp/paper, chemical, petrochemical and food sectors for over 34 years in more than 140 manufacturing facilities including most of the Fortune 50. He has the demonstrated knack of eliminating process inefficiencies resulting in hundreds of millions in savings. He loves to find and implement elegant solutions that transform businesses into efficient, impactful manufacturers and he has a focus on employee retention using encouragement and family friendly options for employees.

Lian Ojakangas, Health Care

Lian has worked in the healthcare industry for 7 years, helping patients achieve results with the most cutting-edge weight loss, anti-aging, and wellness treatments. He specializes in maximizing clinic profitability while ensuring high patient satisfaction.

David Vario, CPA and Managing Director at CWC, LLC

David has extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur building, buying and growing business in many industry sectors with strong experience in business consulting, operations, and mergers and acquisitions. The first business he built; he sold in college. His business buying priorities include a high regard for the employees, values, and legacy of the businesses he buys with his partners. He seeks to retain and incentivize existing key employees while implementing growth strategies and customer centric thinking.